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Lyno practitioners
R 350.00
215 Monument Road, Glen Marais, Kempton Park, Gauteng, 1619
083 285 6701 lyno@kineticore.co.za http://www.kineticore.co.za / www.thelynomethod.com

Lynotheraphy (Lyno) is a whole-body assessment tool that looks to identify the underlying cause of one’s dysfunction, to provide an effective, long -term solution to your problem. The Lyno approach is based on the understanding that a body locked in a dysfunctional pattern, due to previous injuries, surgery or habits, usually presents with symptoms in areas that are a distance from the original trauma. The treatment will improve your movement, balance, flexibility and help alleviate pain. It aims to restore your body’s normal movement patters and return you to full and proper function.

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